Page of Names

page-of-namesA list of male friends and female friends who participated in the party for our friend, Bronia Fellig, prior to her trip to [departure for] America

[Names listed according to column.] [First column, right side]

Etka Altschiller [or Altschuler, Altshuler, Altshiler]
Herzl [previous name uncertain] Kessler [Kesler]
Esther [or Ester] [last name unclear, but begins with ‘B’]
Chaya Grohmann [or Grohman, Groman]
T. Eisbruch
Tzila [or Cyla] Kampel
Nicha [previous name uncertain; possibly Necha — nickname for Nechama]
Naomi Schwartz
Rochel [or Rachel, Rahel] Strich
Tzila [or Cyla] Szal [or Shal, Shaal]
Yitzchok [or Icchok; other possible spellings, too] Kampel [presumably
a relative of Tzila Kampel, listed above]

Meir [or Meyer, Mejer, other possible spellings, too] Baran
[or possibly Baron; unclear]
[Last name in this column unclear; may possibly be “Mr. Tzelner or Delner”
[or other alternate spellings] [or a surname something akin to: “Martzeiner” or “Mardeiner]
[Second column, left side]
Miriam Lewin [or Levin; surname unknown — may possibly be “Lang”]
Rivka [or Rywka, Ryfka] [surname unclear; appears to be something like Mailisk, or possibly Marusak]

Elka Wurzel
Elka Bogen [previous surname unknown]
Tzipora [or Cypora; alternate spellings, as well] Klarfeld
Rochel [or Rachel, Rahel] Fuss
[Name unclear, but appears to start with a ‘k’ and end with an “-el”] Schorr
[No first name indicated] Eichbaum
Marback, Hadasa [or Hadassah]
Malka Kahana
Strich, Naomi
Aleksander [or Alexander] Oringer

Yitzchok [or Icchok; other possible spellings, too] Wimmer



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